Ascension Singing Improvising for peace: 19./20.5.23 in Bern

Free singing/sounding FOR PEACE
with Brigitt Sahi and Regula Berger
AT TANZKUNSTWERKKönizstr.161, Bern Liebefweld
Friday 19.5.23 10h- Saturday 20.5.23 13h

The power of the woods, the trees, natureconnection and music can balance us and create in and around us an athmosphere of harmony and theras contribute to peace in the world/on earth.

Music effects our body and soul unto the depth of our cells/cellular consciousness
through bringing ourselves into balance we influence the morphogenetic fields of the aetheric/energy of the world.

Metallinstruments after Manfred Bleffert/Volker Langhans can be used in the seminar.

In other countries and old times people knew that everybody has a frequency of own identity and a melody in the soul(heart) that corresponds to one’s lifeintention/aims in life.

We will take ourselves time to listen to the melody of our heart to be strenghtened and to get reminded why
and “what for”/for what ” we came /incarnated-

Costs: 200.-/250.- after financial possibliities

Registrattion: Brigitt Sahi-Eymann: 0041 76 361 61 10 / brigitt.eymann@gmail.com