In Switzerland:
Friday-practising group

Because of Corona-sanctions: only outside possible
in Bern: in the celtic/roman Arena Rossfeld, beside the Matthäuschurch
2021 :
 21.5.21 /28.5.21
4.6/ 11.6/ 18.6/ 2.7/ 9.7/ /16.7.21 in consultation

natural Singingorganic breathing/Uncovering the voice
Reformated Chapel of the  Insel-Hospital: Freiburgstrasse
Fridays: from 9h-10h
Exercises to uncover the voice  (Werbeck-Svärdström)
considering the breathing-constitution (Solar/Lunar)
We sing  simple/mantric songs, also modern music and canons
following themes of the year …
(Charge:every time 20.-/person: to be paid cash,in situ (thanks)
Information/registration for new interested persons: 033 438 11 13:
Regula Berger


Summer-Singing-Week in Seminarhotel Zum goldenen Hirschen, Rigi-Klösterli

Sunday evening 25.7.21- Saturday noon 31.7.21

non violent singing, bodywork, natural breathing constitution (solar/lunar/Terlusollogie)

we focus to find our individual basic sound to root/tune ourselves
and search/listen to the melody of our heart, to get harmonized, centered,
vivified and get back to joy of live.
Every human being can free his/her voice, strengthen expression and health
stabiilise and enhance /increase life-forces and soul balance.
Exercises from the genius singer and Therapeutic Frau Werbeck – Svärdström
under consideration of the individual breathing constitution are helping on the path to free
the own voice in a healthy way. Mantras, circle songs adapted to the group level will enrich our week in the marvelous nature of the Swiss mountain RIGI.
Healthy vegetarian food will nourish our bodies and souls.
Registration for the course: Regula Berger: 0041 33 438 11 13
Registration for Lodging: Seminarhotel zum Goldenen Hirschen Klösterli:
0041 41 855 05 45 hotel@kloesterli.ch


Half-Day-Seminar with Anton Kimpfler

in Gasel/Bern: Sunday: 19.9.20: 14h30-18h15
What is the “task” of the evil forces on earth?
Information/Registration:033 438 11 13 / 079 232 46 02

Weekendseminar in Rüttihubelbad:
mit Anton Kimpfler und Regula Berger
 Fr.22.10.21(20h)- So.24.10.21 (21)
How can we find a healthy soulbalance:inner Harmonisation and outer establishment of peace?                                           Info Flyer and registration at culture office: Erato: Bart.v.Doorn: 0041 78 661 55 02 / Mail kulturbuero@zapp.ch/ www.erato-kultur.ch
EN Espana central (MADRID):

Descubrimiento/desarollar la voz y terlusollogia:
de respiración/  respiracion natural/tipo exhalador/tipo inhalador,
Curso de canto 3/4 modul: 18.9-20.9.20 / 27.11-29.11.20
 formacion contigua:
Uso no violento del cuerpo y la voz gracias a la terlusollogia
y los ejecicios genial de la cantante sueca Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström
Ejercicios para cada día, Paso extender la voz:
Escuela de desarollo la voz sigun Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström

Lugar:region/agglomeracion de Madrid
Curso de canto/constitucion de respiracion(solar/lunar:Hagena/Seidler-Winkler)

Calle de las Cuatro Matejas, 18, 28260 Galapagar, Madrid, España
(+34) 918 42 33 88 ‎

yolandaibanez@escuelaartaban.es /Carmen Yolanda Ibanez  0034 606 61 74 65
estheraradas@gmail.com   Ester Aradas: 0034 660 81 85 06


IN EAST-SPAIN (BARCELONA): grupo cerrado

CONTINOUS Seminars of the path of the school of uncovering the voice :
next Data:

organized by Escuela Waldorf EL Tiller,Barcelona:
Series of Seminars: 2017-2019:
continous formation:3 weekends/year
Prossima fecha:  30.10.-1.11.20
(exclusivamenteparalosparticipantesdela formación)

Registration / INFO: Nuria Albajar Vinas   Mail:  airuna4@gmail.com
Ester Llamas(Escuela Waldorf El Tiller) Mail:   estermbm@gmail.com

Fon: 0034 692782317 or info: Regula Berger /r.berger@kalliope.ch


IN HOLLAND (LIMBURG):Ubachsberg/Voerendaal

open Seminar for experienced and new interested Participants in schooling of uncovering the voice under consideration of the natural breathing-constitution (Solar/lunar): 8.10.- 11.10.2020
Body-breath voice:
to come into flow, to discover and liberate sound and voice
through non-violent singing and natural breathing type-appropriate movements:
Every soul can sing and develop/get freed!
Registration / INFO:
Marie-Louise Weeerts <mla.weerts@planet.nl>
FON:0031 45-5752424