Autum-Singing-Week in Rigi/Klösterli CH: 16.-22.10.2022


School of uncovering the voice, natural breathing
To get in flow /in good mood with RegulaBerger (singer, vocal therapist, pharmacist)
Singing with heart, body and soul
Sun:16. 10. (17h) Sat 22. 10. 22(13h)
Singing opens the mind and soul. and brings the body into a healthy vibration. Proven to promote singing physical, mental health and socialcompetence:
Every human being can sound and sing, every human being is born out of musical and cosmic forces and is thus able to connect with healing, ordering and invigorating forces for example by means of exercises from the school of uncovering the voice according to
Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström.
The natural /physiological respiratory constitution is the basis for a non-violent handling of body, breath and voice (inhaler / exhaler constitution according to Dr. med. Charlotte and Christian Hagena/ Erich Wilk/Brigitta Seidler-Winkler).
Simple canons, power songs, songs will accompany us this week. In group-practicing each participant can start at his/her individual level and move, expand, deepen.
In the richness of group sound, we can more easily reach the fullness ofobjective sounds and the hearing can reorient itself to this quality which is beyond the individual.
The program is adapted “in action”to the group, varies.

Course costs: Fr 600. / reduction possible on request
Please register for the course with the exact date of birth, place of birth and time of birth at:
Regula Berger, Brauereiweg 6, 3612 Steffisburg, 0041 33 438 11 13, r.berger@kalliope. ch /
The overnight stay and the meals (there is vegetarian organic, fairtrade fullboard),
Please register in advance, Vegan meals at extra cost possible. please book directly
at seminar hotel zum Goldenen Hirschen Rigi/Klösterli:

Hotel Zum Goldenen Hirschen, RigiKlösterli 

EMAIL: hotel@kloesterli.ch

FONe: 0041 41 855 05 45