The swedish singer Valborg Werbeck-­Svärdström has given a rich treasure of therapeutic and voice-developing exercises. If you practise them regularly and according to the own breathingconstitution (– discoverd (named) by the therapeut and violonist  Erich Wilk / worked out in collaboration with Dr.med. Charlotte Hagena­ – )
an entire and organic voice-development and a non-violent “handling”of body and voice can be learned.

Right(organic/natural) breathing- and voice/bodywork can effect your health,your psyche and the development of  your personality in a positive way.

To sing raises (scientifically proved)  the social competence and it can help to overcome   stuckness, for exemple tensions, because of traumas, what are in the body as a memory.
It can help to free onself from limiting habits /to change/ enhance positive self-expression.

To sing strenghtens the capacity of expression/ of communication and the natural radiance.

Bodywork according to the natural breathing-constitution is basic precondition to achieve a light,natural healthy breathing. The initionally necessary attention (consciousness) can later – as soon as the body has understood- again be a matter of unconscious (naturally and easy going) function.

The natural breathing-process and the non-violent use of the voice can have positive effects
on the health and can strenghten the constitution (salutogenetic effect).

There are two options:
To learn exercises and to practise/repeat them regularly on ones own (under regular controll)

In case of strong exhaustion (burn out) or acute state of disorder, if an active therapy is not possible, singing-therapie (musictherapie) can be received  PASSIVELY.
This can build up forces and stability until the person/patient can himself (herself) practise exercises.