The  school of uncovering the voice developed by the swedish singer   Valborg Svärdström-Werbeck is a continous path of development concerning not only the voice but the entire person. The schooling is transforming step by step the whole body, the different “levels” of the person, so that the voice can appear and express itself more and more brilliant,pure,natural and free from hindrances/tensions/ambitions and so forth.
The voice can then be used for artistic or therapeutic purposes and reactions of listeners  are often, that such a uncovered voice is touching deeply and having a uplifting effect for the soul.

Every person can uncover, discover, widen/expand his/her voice without violence!
It doesn’t matter what kind of musical background there is.

As a physiological basis for a nonviolent development of the voice, I work under consideration of both types of breathing-constitution (active inhaler/ active exhaler),profitting from the researches of Erich Wilk/ Dr.med Charlotte and Christian Hagena and the german Operasinger Brigitta Seidler-Winkler.
If one practices regularly the exercises from Mrs Werbeck it can happen, that one can “forget the breathing” because it works again naturally and unconsciously as it is meant to be (after Mrs Werbeck).

To sing is a natural resource, what is at free disposal!

To start the schooling path is favourable to work first individually in single-lessons
after some time of training, the instrument :body/voice can be developed further
also in group-lessons.

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School of uncovering the voice:
continuos formation/moduls over 3 years

different teachers/moduls: since autum  2018  in BARCELONA (ES)

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