Kalliope Support Association

The association Kalliope was founded 16.10.2005 to support the impulses, activities projects of the singingwork from Regula Berger and associated colleagues working with the path of uncovering the voice after the Swedish singer Valborg Svärdström-Werbeck under consideration of the non violent path with body voice breathing (terlusollogy) and soul development of individuals and in the social of group-organisms and for the help in environment-healing and many aspects more to serve the human development, human education, human accompanying for birth-giving mothers, ill or dying persons and much more.

Ideas and aims of the association

The idea to found the association came to us during a singing and voice training week in Lucelle. On one hand, we realized how precious this kind of voice training according to the school of Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström, which was taught by Regula Berger with great commitment, is. On the other hand, we saw how much administrative effort and financial risks this commitment is connected with ”School of Voice Revealing”/”Unveiling the voice”, as Mrs. Werbeck called her method/better path of voice training, can only be realized to a limited extent by a single person alone. The resources are simply not enough to handle all the administrative work that always goes with it, in addition to the artistic side. There was also no room, no strength left for the realization of new, already existing ideas. A small circle of people thought about how the situation could be improved so that the idea of unveiling the voice could be better communicated to the outside world. One came to the conclusion: We are founding an association and are looking for people who want to support the idea of unveiling the voice! The purpose of the association was then defined as follows and recorded in the statutes:

The association Kalliope pursues the purpose

  • The spreading of the vocal impulse, based on the school of unveiling of the voice of Mrs Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström
  • The promotion of musical projects for young and old

The purpose of the association is to be achieved primarily by supporting Regula Berger’s projects in organizational and financial terms.

Interested to support as a memer or donator?

Verein zur Förderung mit Antrag englisch

Statutes of the association (german language)

Statuten Kalliope aktualisiert nach Beschlüssen der Jahresversammlung 2015