Monthly Singing half days in Basel

Each month there is either on Saturday or sunday
a 3 h course in Basel near the Swiss railway-station :
The christiancommunity, Lange Gasse 11, 4052 Basel

Focus on the actual astrosophical constellations :
zodiac-sign/regent planet
and canons and songs of the season
Next Data:
Aries: W/Mars E16.4.23:11-14h
Taurus: R/Venus:A : Sunday 21.5.23: 11h-14h00
Twins: H/ Mercury:I :Sunday 18.6.23 11-14h
Cancer: F/Moon Ei 9.7.23:11-14h
Costs: 60.- +
contribution/donation for the use of the room
(recommended 5-10.-)

Information/Registration: Regula Berger
0041 33 3438 11 13/  r.berger@kalliope.ch