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Rituals for the beginning of the seasons/
mindful perception/meeting the nature(beeings)

At the beginning of each oft he 4 seasons we meet at a beautiful,special or difficult place in CH to give attention and to communicate with nature what is needed from our side to work together instead of fighting and abusing natural forces. No knowledge necessary.

Half a day for the nature/elementary-beeings:
We are a part of nature and nature is part of us!

We prepare ourselves with rhythms, sounds and mindful perception, using exercises inspired by Rene Barth, Marko Pogacnik, Nicolaas de Jong and Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström.

Anybody can learn to get in a careful deeper contact with nature!
Now knowledge necessary , an attitude free from prejudges is helpful

with  Regula Berger (Steffisburg) and Beat Rihm (Hinterkappelen)

(see also: www.geomantiegruppen.ch):

Datas:  2022: Saturday mornings: Theme of the year:
flowers, blossoms wonderful gifts of the cosmos
pring:Sa 26.2.22 Element Water: Meetingpoint
9h30 at the station of Wimmis

Summer: Sa: 21.5.22: Element fire
Autum: Sa: 27.8.22 Element of Air
Winter: Sa: 26.11.22 Element of earth

 Contribution of costs:  Free donation as sign of value for ex. to association Kalliope
(Brauereiweg 6, 3612 Steffisburg),

IBAN (Bei electronic transfer) CH5509000000603869649
IBAN (Papertransfer) CH55 0900 0000 6038 6964 9


or to any walfare organisation, that is working fort he welfare of humanity and nature, Thanks!
Journey back after spontaneous decision.

Information/Registration on demand: 033 438 11 13/
Contact: Regula Berger, 033 438 11 13, r.berger@kalliope.ch

Changes can be possible, please ask in advance:THANKS!