Seminar working together with Anton Kimpfler

Oneday-seminar with Anton Kimpfler and Regula Berger

Sunday, den 19.september 2021: 14h30-18h15

Talk and artistic work out to actual themes of our time
What is the “task”  of the evil forces on the earth?

Thoughts by Anton Kimpfler, artistic (singing/sounding)
exercises with Regula Berger and talking together.

   free contribution to cover the costs


Registration: Regula Berger, Brauereiweg 6, 3612 Steffisburg
0041 33 438 11 13 (

 Where: Capriccio, Caffè, Laden, Raum
Susanna Siconolfi and Dominik Aebersold, Mattenhausweg 5, 3144 Gasel, Fon:0041 31 333 28 35

Train:  Bern HB leaving: 14:06 Gleis 12  /    Gasel arrival: 14:20
           Gasel leaving:18:36 or 19:06       /      Bern arrival: 18:54 or 19:24

About Anton Kimpfler:
(1952) He is working in education of adults and author of many books and articels in journals ,having an own publishing company( „Wege“). In over 20 countries he is doing consciousnesswork over years in diverse groups. Focus of his work: New social and spiritual paths, Questions of community-processes and of non-violent conflictmanagment, actual problems of our time. Author of a big amount of books and articles.

The next weekendseminar in Rüttihubelbad with
Anton Kimpfler, Regula Berger and paintings by
Diva Gloria Cavalcanti Pfyffer
Fr.22.10. 20h  bis So: 24.10.21 12h
how can owe find a healthy soul balance :
inner harmonization and outer establishment of peace.
Details /Registration:
Erato: B. van Doorn:004178661 55 02
mail: kulturbüro@zapp.ch