I never saw another butterfly by Lori Laitmann:

The artists are ready to perform it if wanted in other places.Please take contact if interested.


Autum-concert Sunday : 3.9.2023: 17h00
Pflegestätte für musische Künste,
Nydeggstalden 34, 3011 Bern
Sunday : 10.9.2023: 17h00
Christian community
Lange Gasse 11, 4052 Basel
I never saw another butterfly:
poems by children of the Holocaust
It’s a collective concert
we thank you for your appreciation contribution
and a contribution to cost recovery!

    Regula Berger  Mezzosopran
    Brigitt Sahi-Eymann   Cello

Sunday : 22.10.2023: 17h00
PROGR Bern, Waisenhausplatz 30,
30121 Bern
With Original paintings by EVE STOCKHAMMER

Violins in the snow (Geigen im Schnee)

Flyer (in german language) here:

Curriculae vitae artists (german)